Why Intelligent Automation?

If you’re still using employees to complete repetitive processes on a daily basis, it’s time to question if that’s the best use of your capital.
Explore the benefits of intelligent automation:
  • We believe in helping businesses free their people from mundane, time consuming, monotonous processes so they can focus more on higher value work and innovation.
  • We work closely with you to understand your pain points and identify how we can streamline and optimise your business.
  • We help you to unlock the future of productivity, efficiency and improve employee wellbeing and retention through intelligent automation.

Taking the risk of human error out of the equation is one benefit of using an automated process.

If you’re searching for “intelligent automation near me,” then you may already be aware of some of the ways in which intelligent automation of daily tasks can help your business. Perhaps most importantly, intelligent automation gives your team more time to do their work and helps ensure that fewer errors are made. With the right intelligent automation solution, your organisation can generate more data more quickly than ever before.

Intelligent automation will improve staff morale and retention.

  • Your workers won’t be bogged down with boring, repetitive tasks.
  • They’ll work on projects that are more interesting and valuable to your company.
  • They’ll get an opportunity to really focus on innovation and interactions with
    customers, which improves job satisfaction.

Why Invest in Intelligent Automation?

Every organisation has tasks that it has to complete each day ranging from IT to payroll tasks. Instead of working with manual inputs, an intelligent automation network can handle those tasks on your behalf:

  • Improve service time for your customers
  • Provides quicker adaption to emerging conditions
  • Complete tasks across all departments

Save time by minimising the risk of errors by removing the human element as much as possible from each automation.

Take Advantage of Intelligent Automation now!
  • When you think about automation examples, remember that automation is not a cost for your business. Instead, think of it like a currency. It’s buying you and your team more time.
  • Intelligent automation isn’t just about taking your daily analog tasks and shifting them over to your computer. A real digital transformation in your workplace means using programs and applications that help identify the most efficient methods of achieving the outcomes you desire.
  • When you take advantage of intelligent automation, you’ll find that your team has more time to work on tasks that do require human skill and attention. Your digital processes will flow faster and more accurately in the background while your team spends more time problem solving, collaborating, communicating and growing.

At CiGen, We Are Your Automation Partner

At CiGen, we want to be your automation partner and help you deliver superior services to your customers. We can assist you in setting up automated processes that boost speed, accuracy, efficiency and profitability.

Companies such as Slater & Gordon, Equity Trustees, NZME, Judo Bank and more have all trusted our team at CiGen as they started on their automation journeys. Their staff reported enjoying having the most mundane tasks removed from their workdays, so they could focus more heavily on tasks important to them.

At CiGen, we can help you automate a spectrum of processes including:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Business expansion using the benefits of automation
  • Reduce compliance cost and risk

We can help you in cultivating a flexible operational environment for future growth.

Some of our happy clients include:

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

McKinsey & Co. estimates that between 25 and 46% of current work activities in Australia will be automated in the future, spurring productivity, income and economic growth.

Intelligent Automation’s benefits include:

Intelligent Automation prepares your business for the future and gives you a competitive edge.

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Our Happy Clients

CiGen have supported us right from the beginning
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"CiGen have supported us right from the beginning of our automation journey. They have been professional, capable and friendly, especially in the early stages as we struggled to establish ourselves and lent on CiGen very heavily.

In recent times we have become largely self-sufficient (which is not a bad thing). Perhaps what might have elevated the service even further would be some additional guidance around how to establish a robust RPA CoE.

I would have no hesitation in recommending CiGen as an automation implementation partner for potential customers."

Glenn Hannon, LeasePlan
Great level of customer service
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"Great level of customer service, always willing to address questions or issues as soon as possible. Solution met our very specific requirements!"

Rachel M, Evolution Mining
CiGen have been a key part of the automation journey at Equity Trustees.
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"Thankful to CiGen for guiding us through the initially tricky and constantly moving landscape of Robotics Process Automation. CiGen have been instrumental in cutting through the noise and in helping us deliver real value to business in a relatively short time span."

Rahul Tyagi, Equity Trustees
Excellent Customer Support and Service
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"Leigh and the team were extremely supportive in helping direct and setup our RPA capability. The team at CiGen went over and beyond to support and deliver our Proof of Concept (POC) and help maintain and improve our process delivered in the POC. A true partnership exists when you engage CiGen. They really do keep their customers' best interests front of mind."

Ramy Abdelnour, Judo Bank
CiGen provides great support
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"CiGen provides great support for our UiPath journey at NZME."

Raymond Low, NZME

CiGen in the Media

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AYR, a leading provider of advanced Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with CiGen, a prominent Australian AI Automation firm. The collaboration aims to leverage CiGen’s network and expertise to expand the reach of AYR’s flagship IDP platform, SingularityAI, across ANZ and Southeast Asia.
Inside Small Business
We often hear that the answer to improving output is to work smarter rather than harder. This is why automation is such a powerful lever. By removing repetitive, mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks from the workday, people can feel more refreshed, be better engaged with the work they do and get more done as they can achieve a state of flow in their work. CiGen’s CEO, Leigh Pullen, talks about the possibilities.
Authority Magazine
Daniel Pullen, CiGen’s Co-Founder and Chief Automation Officer, talks with Karen Mangia of Authority Magazine on how both employers and employees are reworking the work ‘norm’ together as we navigate through the great resignation & the future of work.

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