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At CiGen, we empower you to drive your business towards a stronger future with AI-powered innovation.

Welcome to CiGen.

We enable businesses to revolutionise their data, operations and business processes with practical AI solutions tailored to your specific set-up.

We’re more than just an automation services provider. We’re specialist experts in leveraging AI technology solutions and consultative-led services to redefine conventional workflows that will transform your business for the better.

As a team of tech advocates, CiGen was born out of the realisation that, when properly managed, data is an extremely valuable asset for any organisation.

With this in mind, we embarked on a mission to revolutionise the landscape of business processes using the power of AI technology to help organisations like yours enhance processes and efficiencies to make informed business decisions.

Here at CiGen, we cut through the noise surrounding AI to break down how it can really help you, and we have the experience to identify those business processes most suited to AI tech intervention so we can deliver a fast and genuine ROI for your organisation.

Beyond that, we’ve designed our own frameworks and reporting processes to help ensure the ongoing success of your AI solutions. Most importantly, our operational outputs also ensure clear stakeholder visibility and understanding across what is typically a complex form of technology.

Our Business AI Solutions

At CiGen, we’ve developed a unique suite of tailored AI technology solutions that can work either independently or in perfect harmony to empower your business to automate your processes, optimise your workflows and extract actionable insights. This enhances your operational efficiencies, drives more informed business decisions and harnesses the true potential of your business.

Click on each of our AI-powered solutions below to discover how we can transform your business today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services
Intelligent Automation
Process &
Operations Mining
Customer & Business Improvement

Industry AI Implementations

Our team at CiGen works with businesses both large and small across a wide variety of industries to make the benefits of our AI-powered solutions accessible to all.

With years of experience implementing AI technology across a range of fields, you can trust that CiGen has the expert knowledge you need to extract the potential value hidden within your business.

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We work diligently to develop a strong partnership by understanding the unique needs of your business so we can deliver the tailored AI-driven solutions you require. This approach will put your organisation at the forefront of your industry.

Each solution we implement is considered solely with your business requirements in mind, in line with what we believe will work best with your unique workflow. We also engage multiple technology partners along the way to ensure you’re always getting the best AI solution available right now.

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