Healthcare AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in Healthcare

Providing great healthcare depends heavily on the ability to collect and access timely, accurate and relevant information. However, spending too much time collecting and processing this data takes away from the time a healthcare professional has to spend on helping their patients.

That’s where our Healthcare AI solutions can help.

Whether you’re a doctor receiving information from medical imaging and pathology labs, or a patient needing information to take to a specialist or health fund, AI-driven healthcare solutions can ensure this information is sent and received in a timely and accurate manner – allowing for the smooth provision of healthcare services.

How Healthcare AI solutions can help

Repetitive and manual tasks suck the time and energy from you as a healthcare professional.

Whether you’re collecting information from various sources to build patient reports, processing claims for healthcare funds or ensuring your facility has an adequate supply of critical medical equipment, AI-powered healthcare solutions can reduce the burden of these repetitive processes and give you back more time to focus on your patient’s health and wellbeing.

Why choose CiGen for Healthcare AI?

CiGen has worked with healthcare providers right across Australia to help reduce the administrative burden on their staff and free them up to spend more quality time helping their patients.

Using our experience and expertise, we work closely with you to identify the ideal processes to delegate to our tailored medical AI solutions so we can ensure the best possible outcomes for your healthcare organisation.

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