HR & Payroll AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in HR & Payroll

Human Resources, People & Culture, Talent Management or People Operations. No matter what you call it, this critical business function supports the entire employee life cycle – from recruitment and onboarding to departure and exit interviews.

This means that HR is highly dependent on the manual processing of information to keep things running smoothly, and there’s often a hive of hidden, buzzing activity below the surface, even when everything appears fine to everyone else.

That’s where our HR AI solutions can help.

Many of the most time-consuming and repetitive HR tasks, including updating payroll with the correct bank details, processing leave applications, sending letters of offer or combining data for reporting purposes, can be easily taken care of with the right AI-powered solution.

How HR & Payroll AI solutions can help

With the help of AI technology and solutions, many of the repetitive HR processes can be executed automatically without the need for staff monitoring an inbox or manually transposing information from a form into another system.
This leaves HR teams to focus on higher-value tasks such as:

  • Professional development programs
  • Staff wellbeing initiatives
  • Spending more time recruiting the best talent
  • Optimising the employee experience for greater retention
Why choose CiGen for HR & Payroll AI?

Over the years, CiGen has worked with several HR teams from a wide variety of organisations covering several different sectors. We were the first company in Australia to employ AI-powered solutions to help organisations liberate their staff from repetitive processes and focus their time and energy on more fruitful and enjoyable tasks.

As part of our approach, our team works with you to identify the ideal processes that are the best candidates for AI-powered automation within your organisation.

Unleash the power of HR & Payroll AI with CiGen today

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