Insurance AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in Insurance

The insurance industry is highly regulated and relies heavily on information being verified and shared in accordance with strict rules.

This makes collecting customer data and ensuring it is input correctly into multiple systems an extremely time-consuming process, particularly when it relies on humans to read and copy this data between systems. Moreover, compliance rules often require several different types of reports to be produced on a regular basis.

That’s where our Insurance AI solutions can help.

Using the power of AI technology, your insurance organisation can streamline and accelerate your processes while liberating your staff to spend more time working directly with your customers – ensuring a faster and smoother claims process overall.

How Insurance AI solutions can help

Tasks such as underwriting and pricing, ensuring data is synchronised correctly between different systems, processing claims and reporting are all great candidates for AI-powered execution. They follow strict rules-based processes that are well-understood and easily repeatable.

What’s more, AI technology can execute these processes 24/7, allowing staff to focus more on customer service, resolve complex issues and tackle more challenging tasks while improving the overall client experience.

Why choose CiGen for Insurance AI?

CiGen was one of the first companies to offer AI-powered solutions to insurance organisations across Australia.

As part of our unique approach, we consider all AI use cases within your insurance organisation to determine the best path forward for you and your team. In doing so, we can deliver a tailored AI solution that provides a rapid return on investment, enhanced customer service and increased employee satisfaction for your business.

With extensive experience in both finance and insurance, we also have a deep understanding of the regulatory challenges and complexities your organisation faces, meaning we can help you deliver better products and services without compromising on compliance.

Unleash the power of Insurance AI with CiGen today

Discover how we can help your organisation to reach its full potential with AI-powered tech and business solutions.

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