CiGen has been at the forefront of Robotic Process Automation in Australia and the Asia Pacific region since 2015, being one of the first pure-play service providers in the region.

The range of business processes that can be automated is vast. Most organisations share a common set of functions, such as HR / Payroll, Sales, Finance and Operations, while many more processes are bespoke and specific to a particular industry type.

With our experience, we have automated a wide spectrum of business processes and our exposure to different operational methodologies continues to grow with each customer engagement.

Here’s an example of some common and bespoke processes that we’ve implemented:


Hotel night audit procedure

Proof of delivery verification and document upload into ERP system

Timesheet validation and discrepancy notification

Invoice straight through processing into accounting system and payment pre-approval

New employee onboarding / departed employee offboarding

Bulk processing and validation of site work completed into asset management system


Discover more about CiGen’s robotic process automation experience, including additional process examples, the wide array of industries we’ve partnered with, plus technologies and applications that we’ve worked with…