How does Automation streamline Application Bridging in business?

How does Automation streamline Application Bridging in business?

In our previous article, how can your business benefit from Application Bridging, we explored the concept of application bridging and the value it offers businesses.

Application bridging automation allows you to pass data between different platforms that are not linked directly via API’s or only link partially.

Basically, application bridging automation enables your systems, platforms and digital technologies to be:

  • In sync with with matched data
  • Greater integration at a low cost
  • interoperable with each other.

Today, let’s delve deeper into the ways automation streamlines this application bridging process so that you can take full advantage to:

  • effectively optimise data
  • boost internal efficiencies and
  • achieve greater effectiveness.

Streamlining application bridging with automation

Businesses often invest in software and technologies – after all, we’re in the digital age where platforms and tools are the norm.

This is where application bridging adds tremendous value by using automation to link your platforms and systems together to ensure that:

  • data automatically flows between them
  • The data is consistent across platforms
  • your business’ internal processes are faster and more efficient

With the power of automation, you can rely on application bridging to be seamless, convenient and beneficial for your business.

Automation reduces (or even eliminates!) the manual effort required to integrate systems, platforms and software without compromising the consistency, accuracy and quality of data being uploaded to them.

3 ways automation streamlines application bridging

  • Automation allows the simultaneous input of data

Automation in application bridging enables you to easily upload data only once and then the automation software enters it correctly into multiple systems, allowing you to avoid the tedious, time-consuming and repetitive process of manually entering information over and over again.

What you and your employees would typically complete in hours can be done in minutes with application bridging automation.

  • Automation minimises the risks of human errors

It’s crucial for businesses to manage customer data accurately.

Healthcare staff, for instance, need to ensure they are inputting correct patient records into various systems and platforms. Unfortunately, errors and inconsistencies are unavoidable, especially if data entry is handled by various people.

Automation solves this by ensuring data is simultaneously shared within your integrated systems and platforms so everything is synchronised.

  • Automation empowers your team to focus on activities that bring more value to the business

Application bridging means your team don’t have to spend so much time entering information into so many different software platforms.

Once your employees are freed from these manual tasks, they can use their time and energy more productively on tasks that generate more profit, growth and success for the business.

How to adopt application bridging with business automation experts

Now that you’re aware of the importance of application bridging and the benefits of business automation, you probably want to know how to actually implement application bridging.

As an Australian company specialising in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence products (AI), CiGen can assist you to effectively optimise application bridging in your business.

Here’s our approach to help you take advantage of application bridging:

  • First, we discuss your business goals and platform requirements.

Right from the start, our expert team collaborates closely with you to understand what you want to achieve with application bridging. This step is where we clarify everything – what type of platforms need bridging (they can be multiple cloud environments or a combination on on-premises and cloud environments), what kinds of rules you are implementing in your processes and workflows, they types of volumes involved as well as the outcomes you desire.

  • Next, we map out your processes.

We either visit your site or hold an online session with you so that your team can explain everything about your processes and platforms. You can also map out these processes and show how your platforms work while recording this on video, allowing us then to review and identify elements that can be automated.

  • Afterwards, we present you with our proposed automation solutions

With careful consideration, we provide your business with options on how we can enable you to fully automate the bridging of your platforms, systems, software and digital technologies through application bridging.

Throughout every step, our priority is to ensure automation works to your business’ advantage.

With CiGen by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have consistent automation management and support to make your business processes more efficient and your platforms more effective than ever.

Harness the true power of automation with CiGen

If you want to invest in application bridging or any other type of intelligent automation with powerful AI tools, our team is at your service to guide you throughout the automation journey. As subject matter experts, we partner with businesses like yours to help you achieve the full benefits of digital automation.

Our ultimate goal is to energise organisations and the workforce of tomorrow as digital technologies increasingly evolve toward Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computational Intelligence (CI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our team of intelligent automation specialists are here to ensure you reap all of the rewards of business automation, while we address all of the potential risks.

Contact us today to book a no-obligation call. Let’s discuss your needs and take action through automation!


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