UiPath major release v2016.2



Cognitive Automation

As the only RPA company able to deliver intelligent automation infused with computer vision, UiPath is familiar with AI/Cognitive. Plus, its extensible product platform lends itself to robust cognitive services.  This release integrates Google, Microsoft and IBM OCR technology , providing:

  • Language detection: is a prerequisite for precision and accuracy in OCR image analysis and outcomes.  
  • Named entity recognition: extracts unstructured and semi-structured information from text, then assembles it into a structured format.
  • Sentiment analysis: creates process automation that understands the meaning and emotion of text language, then uses it as the basis for next-step decisions.

Helpdesk automation is an example of how cognitive services can create an intelligent RPA solution: ticket language is detected; the sentiment of the request is revealed; relevant keywords are extracted from the request and used in a knowledge base search; then the relevant search result is embedded in an response emailed to the ticket owner.

UiPath is committed to its AI/Cognitive journey and will be offering more NLP and machine learning services on Cloud and on premises in upcoming releases.


Extensible OCR

Rather than build a proprietary OCR engine, UiPath chose to incorporate leading third party OCR software into its product line, giving customers choices in what OCR engine would be best for their different automation requirements.

In this release, Abbyy has been added to our OCR family, and each engine has been         customized to work more accurately and reliably within RPA solutions to automate           more processes in less time; experience less errors; and encounter fewer exceptions         than would otherwise be the case.