CiGen's Leigh Pullen to Speak at The Digital Workforce: Robots in the Office


CiGen's Executive Director Leigh Pullen will speak this Thursday, June 14 at The Digital Workforce: Robots in the Office event at Holding Redlich in Melbourne. The subject of the meeting is the future of work and the adoption of robots.

Alongside PwC's Senior Manager Annie Hariharan and Exaptec's CEO Nicci Rossouw, Pullen will discuss how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) simplifies business process delivery – processing data at greater speeds, lower cost and with fewer errors than us fallible humans. Essentially freeing up staff from repetitive work to focus on higher value contributions.

They will also touch upon hardware robots like ‘Amy’ and ‘Alice’ that can perform a multitude of tasks – from allowing clients to check in, to guiding customers through commercial and shopping centres through to answering questions and providing recommendations.

The discussion will revolve around:

  • Workplace applications of RPA

  • Telepresence, service and social robots

  • The social impact

  • Data privacy & cyber security

  • Current limitations of the technology

To find out more or reserve your seat, visit the event page at The Churchill Club.