Everest Group 2018 RPA PEAK Matrix: UiPath Named Leader and Star Performer

UiPath has seen record growth during the past year, and the fastest customer acquisition in the industry. As a coronation to their success, they have been named RPA Technology Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group’s 2018 RPA PEAK Matrix™, being the only vendor in the RPA industry to receive both distinctions two years in a row.

RPA vendors have been appraised for market impact, overarching vision, and product capability and support. UiPath’s total score along both “Market Impact” and “Vision & Capability” dimensions have set them at the highest point of the PEAK as the RPA leader with the biggest impact on customer value, delivered at depth and breadth across geographies and industries.


UiPath has been evaluated ‘Best-in-class’ based upon:

  • Market success through number of clients, revenue base, and year-over-year growth;
  • A portfolio mix encompassing breadth of coverage of industries, geographies, use cases, and enterprise size class;
  • The value delivered to clients and their satisfaction with the UiPath product as well as the support, based on client feedback.
Client feedback indicates high overall satisfaction with UiPath’s product, in particular around its ease of use, robot development, flexibility and ease of deployment, and its product vision & roadmap. Clients have also indicated very high levels of satisfaction with its product training and support services.

Everest Group is a leading advisor of global services and their yearly comparative analysis of RPA vendors provides a benchmark in standards and quality for the RPA industry, offering RPA adopting companies a point of reference for their vendor selection process.

If you want to read more about UiPath's momentous growth from the past year and download the Everest PEAK Matrix 2018 Report, head over to UiPath's official statement.