UiPath Rated Top RPA Software in Gartner Peer Insights


A very broad definition that we’ve used before in an infographic about robotic process automation describes it as “a useful tool for maximally efficient use of a company’s available resources” (“tool” covers both software and services).

Its most important trait is functionality, operationalized in terms of capacity to facilitate an optimal resource allocation leading to best possible business results.

Many RPA service providers are "vendor agnostic", meaning that they will represent an array of software vendors and their respective solutions. At CiGen we’ve chosen a different path, working closely with one RPA vendor, UiPath.

We find UiPath’s technology is top-of-class, enabling fast and accurate automation, and it’s backed by a competitive pricing structure, for both entry level and long-term installations. We were also inspired by UiPath’s vision to strategically evolve beyond purely rules-based automation and towards cognitive and machine learning automation, with the ability to plug in and take advantage of leading AI technologies such as IBM Watson, Google and optical character recognition ABBYY.
— CiGen executive director Leigh Pullen

In a comparison of 12 RPA vendors created by Gartner Peer Insights, UiPath yields not only the most reviews, but also the highest score: 4.6 out of 5. Easy to operate, excellent support services, an active community, fast delivery and more accurate processes are just a few of the advantages of using UiPath mentioned by companies from over a dozen industries.

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