CiGen’s Business AI Approach

We work with you to determine the best way to design, build,
scale and maintain your AI solutions to exceed your business goals.

Since inception, CiGen has been a pioneer in offering world-class business AI solutions to organisations right across Australia.

Through our seamless 5-step approach, we leverage our vast experience and tech expertise to empower your organisation and maximise its true potential using the power of AI-driven solutions.

Working with you and your team, our approach begins by building a deep understanding of your operations so we can determine your challenges and develop the AI-powered applications you need to reach your desired outcomes.

This involves designing and building a tailored AI solution that delivers rapid results and an outstanding return on your investment – all while remaining agile enough to grow and evolve with your future business requirements.

Initial Discovery

While most businesses understand the need for AI to grow their organisation, many still cannot picture what AI looks like in their business, or what problems it’s going to solve.

That’s why we begin with an initial discovery session to help us get to know each other. We take the time to understand your business so we can demonstrate exactly how AI can work to streamline your current workflow and enhance your operations.


Throughout the consultation stage, we work closely with you to understand the problems you’re looking to solve using AI technology (and the ones you didn’t know you could) so we can determine how best to reach the outcomes your business is after.

Boasting a team of skilled AI experts covering disciplines including software development, automation, process design and business analysis, we work together to achieve the seamless design, build and implementation of your AI tech solutions.

Build & Test

This is when we begin to build and test your new Business AI solutions in a way that works for your organisation to help provide you with immediate benefits from the outset.

As part of this step, you’ll also get the opportunity to gain valuable experience in working with your AI-powered solutions so you can become comfortable with the technology before we complete the full implementation.


At this stage, we work with your team directly to implement a high-level AI workflow that covers all required data inputs and outputs within your operation.

We also conduct a thorough security review throughout the process to ensure your business remains safe and protected online before we finish with the final stages of implementation.

Following the completion of your implementation, we conduct ongoing reviews and monitor your AI technology solutions to efficiently identify areas for refinement or improvement over time.

Management & Support

Once your AI tech solution has been successfully integrated into your business operations, we offer valuable resources to assist you and your team with functional training so you can operate your new AI-powered systems and processes.

We also provide on-the-job and role-specific training if required, building upon what we offer within our initial training resources, to help your team become more comfortable with your new AI solutions.

Additionally, our team can continue to take care of your AI technology needs on an ongoing basis through our AI Managed Services, ensuring your business is always operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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