This provides CiGen and our customers with several key advantages: 



Full transparency of the robotic process automation (RPA) solution that CiGen will recommend, making us independent of competing vendor commissions / incentives, embedded relationships or favouritism


Deep knowledge and understanding of UiPath’s RPA Platform, where CiGen has dedicated 3+ years to learning, working with and implementing a single solution, rather than spreading resources across multiple solutions


Removing the distraction of RPA vendor decisions allows CiGen to fully focus on the automation needs of the customer and how to best design, build, scale and maintain that automation for long term customer benefits

 CiGen offers a comprehensive range of Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation services.

Whether you’re starting on your robotic process automation journey, have completed a proof of concept / pilot or have commenced an implementation program, CiGen will bring a wealth of shared experience, proven implementation track record and flexible approach to our partnership with you.

CiGen's RPA Robots for Hire


One of CiGen’s core principles is the belief that the benefits of robotic automation should be enjoyed by organisations of all sizes, from the global corporation to the sole trader – yet enterprise grade RPA platforms can be impractical for small and medium business due to budget and personnel constraints.

CiGen’s RPA Robots for Hire service has been designed to overcome this roadblock and make RPA accessible to all.

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 RPA Consulting



Process automation strategy matters and the success of your automation program will depend on understanding how and where RPA will impact your organisation.


Are your anticipated benefits and timescale realistic?

How will your employees be affected?

What is your HR/people strategy around the rollout of RPA?

What IT resources will you need?

Why are you implementing RPA – strategic or tactical?

Have you targeted the most ideal processes for automation?

What is your communication plan?


All of these questions (and more) should be addressed and CiGen can provide deep insights based on our cross-industry RPA implementations and experience.

 Pilot Program



A positive and measurable impact on business operations that inspires confidence in the value of any new technology is essential.

CiGen’s Pilot Program is a quick and inexpensive way for you to see first-hand the capabilities and suitability of robotic process automation in your organisation’s everyday operating environment. CiGen will design and build compact robotic automations for select components of your processes and demonstrate that your key applications, business rules, data inputs and data outputs can be successfully automated.


During the Pilot Program, our team will:

Provide a running commentary around CiGen’s scoping, design and build methodology for process automation

Discuss the broader implications of your RPA journey and how to prepare for them

Outline common implementation models such as a Centre of Excellence, Managed Service or a combination of both

Discuss the requirements for building Centre of Excellence capability, required skills and personnel, etc.

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CiGen’s Pilot Program is the natural extension to a Proof of Concept, where a number of business processes are designed, built, fully tested and “hardened” end to end, ready for execution in a live production environment. Often, these processes will be the same ones that we investigated during the Proof of Concept, although additional processes can be added and scoped too.

The primary objective of the Pilot Program is to lock in a measurable ROI in a short timeframe, which then serves as the platform to drive uptake with internal stakeholders and ensure that your automation journey spreads across the organisation.




CiGen is an authorised reseller of UiPath’s RPA platform and a UiPath Gold Partner. We sell licences for all associated UiPath products and services and we can help you choose the ones that best fit the needs of your organisation.


RPA Training



For those just starting out with RPA, CiGen can recommend some valuable – and mostly free – resources to kick-start your learning. We call this Basic Training.

CiGen also provides Instructional “on-the-job” Training during a live implementation, particularly where an organisation opts to create their own Centre of Excellence. Instructional Training is a useful method to build upon the knowledge gained from your Basic Training, whilst also keeping the learning content concise and relevant to your operating environment.

Advanced RPA Training is available on request and covers deeper aspects of process automation methodology, including workflow design, smart building techniques, lessons learnt, Robot usage, process hardening, debugging, useful .NET coding, robot scheduling / management and more.


RPA Implementation



CiGen brings a proven automation methodology to our implementation engagements. The “build” phase of a robotic process automation project is only one component amongst a much wider set of considerations, all of which need to be outlined, understood and planned for in advance.

Our methodology includes:

Process identification and suitability

Identify process owners and experts for automation liaison

Nature of process (front office, back office or both)

As Is process metrics and KPI’s

Process automation objectives and success criteria

Required applications, operating environment and security review

Existing data inputs and data quality review

Scoping, required data outputs and high-level workflow design

Detailed automation build, testing and hardening

Phased transition from Development to Test to Production environments

Ongoing automation monitoring and review

RPA Management and Support



CiGen will partner with you to shape and manage your robotic automation program. With our expertise, you can output automation projects faster, reduce the initial technology learning curve and fast-track your automation ROI.

CiGen offers two management solutions with the flexibility to cut across both as your organisation matures through its automation journey.


Full Management where CiGen serves as your Centre of Excellence

Co-Management in conjunction with your developing Centre of Excellence