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Remote Work and the Future of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A Deloitte report recommends that businesses conduct a “Strategic Cost Optimisation”: the first step being workforce optimisation, or ensuring a correct and efficient division of labour. They bring robotic process automation into the picture as an appropriate technology to foster post-pandemic workforce-related measures.

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RPA Implementation: 9 Ways to Design Secure Software Robots

As RPA use expands across the industrial landscape, more effective risk mitigation solutions have become available. In a nutshell, secure software robots can reduce time to respond to incidents (and thus also lessen risk exposure), and can deploy security controls whenever they detect compliance exceptions (thereby decreasing attack service).

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Every workplace has monotonous tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly or monthly.

On-demand automation buys you additional time by taking care of repetitive tasks quickly, which helps enhance productivity and provide unparalleled accuracy.

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