These are some of the benefits and transformational elements that organisations are

already seeing from their process automation programs:

Operating Cost Reductions Maintain & Strengthen Competitiveness Headcount Flexibility
Improved Accuracy & Quality Process Speed & Timeliness Improves Risk, Compliance and Audit Management
Reduce Technology Integration Costs Shift from Process Focus to Customer Focus Workforce Shifts to Higher Value Tasks
Revenue Leakage Detection & Reduction Rapid Scalability to Demand Spikes Regulatory Reporting Improvements

Automation strategy matters and the success of your robotic automation program will depend on understanding how and where RPA will impact your organisation


How will your employees be affected?


What is your HR/people strategy around the rollout of RPA?


What IT resources will you need?


Why are you implementing RPA – strategic or tactical?


Have you targeted the most ideal processes for automation?


What is your communication plan?


Order a Pilot Program 

The primary objective of the Pilot Program is to lock in a measurable ROI in a short timeframe, which then serves as the platform to drive uptake with internal stakeholders and ensure that your RPA journey spreads across the organisation.

CiGen’s Pilot Program is the natural extension to a Proof of Concept, where a number of business processes are designed, built, fully tested and “hardened” end to end, ready for execution in a live production environment.


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