Banking AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in Banking

The banking sector relies heavily on the ability to service customers as quickly as possible, while consistently offering a greater range of products and services. Not only that, but the days of a loan application taking weeks to be approved have given way to an expectation of near-instant responses to even the most complex questions.

That’s where our Banking AI solutions can help.

Whether a bank needs to move a large volume of data between systems as it updates existing platforms, or collect and collate data from various sources to ensure it has a full picture of its customers, AI technology can speed up these processes and empower banking staff to spend more time helping their customers directly.

How Banking AI solutions can help

While many of the processes that underpin banking are quite complex, they are still well-understood and extremely repetitive. This makes the banking sector the perfect candidate for AI-powered solutions. Using AI, banks can automate processes such as:

  • Collecting and extracting data
  • Transforming and categorising data
  • Loading/moving data from system to system

In doing so, this offers banking staff more time to complete tasks such as assessing a loan application, rather than spending hours gathering data from different sources and copying it over manually to build a clearer picture of an applicant’s financial situation.

Why choose CiGen for Banking AI?

Here at CiGen, our team has extensive experience working with several major companies across the banking sector to develop AI-powered solutions.

Our intimate understanding of banking and finance, coupled with our deep expertise in AI-driven technology and solutions, makes us the ideal partner for banking and finance organisations looking to reduce the burden of tedious and repetitive processes.

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