Mining AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in Mining

Mine operators rely heavily on technology at almost every stage of the mining process. From the collection and management of exploratory data to the operation of massive machinery, the effective collation and movement of information is pivotal to achieving success in the mining industry.

That’s where our Mining AI solutions can help.

Ensuring information moves quickly, accurately and efficiently between systems is critical to your complex mining operation. With the assistance of an AI-powered solution, your mining organisation can achieve a flawless operation every time.

How Mining AI solutions can help

Your mining operation depends on heavy equipment that operates safely and efficiently. That’s why sensor data from those machines must be collected and used effectively to drive maintenance and repair schedules.

This process can be executed automatically by employing a tailored AI solution that collects this data and moves it between systems. For example, when a fault is detected, this can trigger your AI tech to alert you and schedule that machine for maintenance in real-time.

AI can also be used to automatically execute several back-end processes as well, such as travel and leave applications, contracts and other HR policies, accounts payable and reporting. This frees up your staff to focus on higher-value business tasks.

Why choose CiGen for Mining AI?

At CiGen, we’ve helped several mining companies achieve greater efficiency through the use of AI-powered solutions.

We can partner with your mining company to determine where the most valuable opportunities are for AI within your operation, then design the transformational AI solutions required to optimise these processes and maximise your ROI.

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