Finance & Accounting AI Solutions

The Problems and Challenges in Finance & Accounting

The finance, accounting and payroll functions are the silent engine rooms of every business. Without them, organisations cannot make important purchases, pay their bills, compensate their staff or keep track of their budget and cash flow.

Of course, these critical business functions are typically filled with highly repetitive processes – everything from creating invoices and making payments to processing timesheets and reconciling bank accounts – and each of these takes valuable time away from staff. Time that could be spent solving far more complex business problems.

That’s where our Finance AI solutions can help.

With your finance, accounting and payroll functions all
underpinned by highly repetitive processes, it’s only logical to
automate these tasks using the power of AI technology
so you can free your team to work on higher-value tasks.

How Finance & Accounting AI solutions can help

AI-powered business solutions offer your organisation the one thing that money can’t buy: more time.

Delegating your repetitive business tasks to AI empowers your team with more time to focus on new ways to grow your business.

As an example, when an invoice arrives at accounts payable, someone needs to read that invoice, find the right information and then transpose that data into your finance software. However, with a custom-built AI-powered solution, the relevant data can be automatically identified and entered into your accounting system, saving your business time while boosting overall productivity.

Why choose CiGen for Finance & Accounting AI?

At CiGen, our team has worked with finance, accounting and payroll teams from a variety of organisations across a wide range of sectors. Not only that, but we were one of the first companies to start applying AI-driven solutions to help Australian organisations achieve greater speed and efficiency in their business processes.

You can be confident that our experience and expertise will allow us to identify the ideal finance and accounting processes to apply our AI solutions so we can deliver rapid results for your business.

Unleash the power of Finance & Accounting AI with CiGen today

Discover how we can help your organisation to reach its full potential with AI-powered tech and business solutions.

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