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The Problems and Challenges in Legal

One of the overarching goals of a legal firm is to find new ways to increase the number of billable hours they deliver.

However, with so many repetitive and mundane tasks to complete, such as invoicing, creating and sending documents of engagement, and collecting and filing relevant articles, it can be difficult for legal professionals to find extra space in their day for additional clients.

That’s where our Legal AI solutions can help.

With the right AI-powered solution, the benefits for your legal firm start the moment a new client is onboarded. AI allows you to improve your workflow, speed up your client service, and increase your legal practice’s account processing volume. Even back-office tasks such as processing AP invoices, reconciling payments and trust account management can be easily executed by AI technology.

How Legal AI solutions can help

By delegating repetitive tasks to AI, your legal firm can free up your staff to handle higher caseloads and deliver improved customer service, all while spending less time on burdensome administrative tasks.

As an example, by using AI to automate your new client onboarding process, your team will spend less time chasing down important documentation and payment information and more time meeting your client’s needs.

Why choose CiGen for Legal AI?

CiGen has worked with several law firms to significantly boost their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness using the power of legal AI technology.

Our team will work with you to identify the exact processes in your practice that are ideal candidates for AI execution to help deliver fast results and a great return on your investment.

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