AI-Powered Business Solutions

CiGen offers a comprehensive suite of AI technologies custom-designed to optimise your business processes and operations.

At CiGen, we harness the power of intelligent automation, data analysis and document management to streamline your business workflows and enhance your efficiencies.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for rapid growth, or an established enterprise seeking digital transformation, our tailored AI solutions unlock the full potential of your business.

Shown is an overview of the Business AI technology solutions we offer to drive innovation in your organisation:

Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services
Process &
Operations Mining
Customer & Business Improvement
Customer & Business Improvement

Through our extensive partnership and relationship management model, CiGen is committed to both the operational improvement and commercial growth of our clients through our suite of AI-driven solutions which are designed to empower your business.

Data Management

Our data management solutions comprise a range of strategies and AI technologies designed to efficiently collect, store, process and secure your data.

With offerings covering data governance, data quality management, data integration and data security measures, our integrated AI solutions ensure data accuracy, reliability and protection for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the AI-driven analysis of your business’ communication channels, including emails, chats, document sharing and other correspondence, this intelligence component can provide your organisation with valuable information, sentiments and actionable insights from your communication data to aid in decision-making and business strategy development.

This AI solution can operate as a standalone system or be integrated into your business in conjunction with our other services.

Process & Operations Mining

At CiGen, our AI-powered Process & Operations Mining empowers you to analyse, visualise and optimise your business processes.

Through the examination of event logs and data trails, this AI tech solution can identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement within your workflows to enable the streamlining of your business operations.

Intelligent Automation

At CiGen, we employ advanced automation techniques using AI and Machine Learning technologies and solutions to conduct repetitive tasks, reduce errors and improve productivity across your vital business functions.

IDP & Document Storage

By leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution can extract, interpret and process your business data from a variety of documents – allowing for faster and more accurate document handling.

Document Storage enables you to enhance your business’ overall document management and storage processes, drive more efficient document retrieval and version control, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services

CiGen offers bespoke AI consultation and implementation services designed to help you understand exactly what AI solutions you need to digitally transform your business. From there, we ensure a highly efficient AI integration into your existing systems and processes to provide the most benefit to you.

Once your AI solution has been implemented, we provide ongoing AI Managed Services to always ensure the optimal operation of your AI solutions and business workflows at all times.

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