Education Automation

The Problems and Challenges in Education

Education has undergone a revolution in recent years. Regardless if K-12, university, college or professional and vocational development, we are moving away from standardised curricula into an era of personalised tailored education.

All students learn in different ways and at varying speeds. Intelligent automation can be used to deliver learning materials that are customised to the specific learning styles of each participant.

How Automation can help

For example, an employee in a warehouse might need training in the operation of a new forklift. A learning system, underpinned with intelligent automation, could recognise if the employee is already an experienced operator and offer training commensurate with that individual’s experience. Intelligent automation can leverage known insights to deliver the most efficient and effective learning tools.

Why choose CiGen?

CiGen has extensive experience in the education sector and understands the needs of individuals and of the systems used by schools and higher education providers. CiGen will partner with you to design an intelligent automation strategy that will deliver fast results and accelerate learning pathways into the future.

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