Healthcare Automation

Good healthcare depends on the ability to collect and access timely, accurate and relevant information. A healthcare professional’s time is not best spent on data, since this reduces the time they have to spend on helping their patients.

Whether you are a doctor receiving information from medical imaging and pathology labs or a patient wanting information to take to specialists or health funds, ensuring accurate information is received and sent promptly and easily is critical for patient care and the smooth operation of healthcare services.

How Automation can help

Repetitive, manual processes suck time and energy from healthcare professionals. Whether that’s collecting and collating information from different sources to create patient reports, process claims for healthcare funds, ensuring facilities have an adequate supply of critical equipment or onboarding new personnel, automation can lubricate the squeaky wheels of these and many other processes to reduce the burden created by these repetitive tasks.

Instead of having highly trained healthcare professionals carrying out repetitive data entry tasks, they can instead focus on their patients’ health and wellbeing.

Why choose CiGen?

At CiGen, we have worked with many healthcare companies, helping them reduce the administrative burden on their staff and freeing them to spend more time helping clients and patients.
We focus on helping healthcare professionals identify the processes that are the best candidates for automation and then work closely together to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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