Logistics & Distribution Automation

The Problems and Challenges in Logistics and Distribution

The biggest challenge faced by the logistics and distribution industry in Australia is how to efficiently route deliveries across a massive geography. Moving goods from one location to another in the most cost efficient and rapid way is paramount. Of course, you also need to balance environmental factors. The industry can no longer afford the cost of split shipments, the wrong product being delivered, a truck leaving a depot only partially laden or incorrect paperwork.

Customers demand greater speed than ever before and new ways to manage deliveries. Making sure your logistics and distribution processes are executed flawlessly every time saves time, reduces costs, reduces emissions and ensures customer satisfaction.

How Automation can help

Some of the processes that can be automated for your operation include:

  • Shipment scheduling and tracking
  • Invoice processing
  • The management of returns
  • Inventory processing
  • Order tracking

When a process is automated, it is executed perfectly every time and can run all day and night without interruption. That means that your staff can focus on more important work, such as customer service and managing process exceptions, rather than repetitive tasks that sap their energy.

Why choose CiGen?

Our team at CiGen has many years of experience in the logistics industry and understands where the challenges and opportunities lie. With a focus on delivering immediate value, our team works with you to identify where the fastest and most significant benefits can be found. We will partner with you to take the pain out of repetitive processes.

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