Ports Automation

The Problems and Challenges in Ports

When the Ever Given was grounded in the Suez Canal in 2021, the world learned how important the efficient operation of ports is to the global economy. Ensuring information is quickly sent and responded to in ports is crucial to their operation. Ports rely on equipment-control systems, terminal control towers, human–machine interactions, and interactions with the port community. When these work together, a port operates at its peak.

Intelligent automation for ports provides terminals with the capacity for 24/7 service that is freed from error and delay. That happens more easily when information is automatically moved between systems, efficiently and error free.

How Automation can help

As the traffic volume at our ports increases, it becomes more challenging to deliver information quickly and accurately to the operators of port gates, other ports, shipping and to other stakeholders.

Intelligent automation ensures that information is quickly moved between systems and runs continuously. It also means that your expert personnel can focus on managing exceptions and dealing with unexpected challenges.

Why choose CiGen?

GiGen has successfully assisted some ports in using intelligent automation and RPA to streamline and significantly improve their operations. With extensive experience in logistics and ports, our team at CiGen can help you find the best opportunities to leverage intelligent automation to keep ahead of growing demand.

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