Retail Automation

The Problems and Challenges in Retail

Retail has been under constant pressure for the last two decades. The days of manual processing and brick and mortar stores have given way to online and omnichannel businesses that are highly dependent on digital processes. They depend on digital processes for everything from processing sales through website analytics and digital marketing.

The efficient handling of data is critical to ensuring retailers stay ahead of their competitors, understand their customers and don’t spend time manually copying and transposing data between systems. Intelligent automation can help retailers optimise backend processes and focus more on delivering a superior customer experience.

How Automation can help

Intelligent automation helps retailers collect, collate and report on analytics data from their online stores. Instead of spending time extracting and processing data from the same sources each day, the process is automated to highlight what has worked or what could use improvement in your sales funnel.

For retailers who have brick and mortar as well as online stores, being able to bring all the data together is a massive advantage. Everyday processes like reconciling invoices and orders can be automated, giving you more time to focus on improving your customers’ experience.

Why choose CiGen?

CiGen’s experience in intelligent automation has enabled many retailers to save time on repetitive tasks, so they can boost their bottom line. At CiGen, we will help you identify the best processes to automate to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

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