Telecommunications Automation

The Problems and Challenges in Telecommunications

Telecommunications is incredibly complex with a myriad of billing processes, consumers that demand freedom of choice when it comes to everything from hardware to communications allowances, and backend infrastructure that depends on multiple technologies that need to be seamlessly integrated.

Intelligent automation reduces administrative burden, improves customer service and streamlines operations so staff can be freed from mundane and repetitive tasks.

How Automation can help

Many of the processes that make it possible for telecommunication providers to deliver services rely on repetitive processes that are well understood. Intelligent automation can reduce the manual intervention required by staff, freeing them up to solve more challenging problems.

Actions such as the following can be automated to help your service representatives focus more on customer concerns:

  • Retrieving specific customer information
  • Rekeying data
  • Updating fields
  • Migrating mobile and phone numbers to a new carrier through the national procedure

With automation, you help the customer achieve their desired outcome faster.

Why choose CiGen?

CiGen has worked with telecommunications companies to help them achieve high-value outcomes through intelligent automation. CiGen co-founder Leigh Pullen has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and understands the challenges and pain points these companies face. At CiGen, our team works with telecommunications companies like MyNetFone to help them leverage the competitive power of automation and implement new processes rapidly with an eye on cost-effectiveness.

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