The CiGen Engagement Model

AI automation examples include more than just those that take your typical organisational processes and execute them based on sequential steps. The benefits of intelligent process automation include giving you the option to examine what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

When you work with CiGen, we determine the pain points for your business and develop solutions to reach your desired objectives. We want to understand your tactical goals and the strategies you have implemented or are interested in implementing. By doing this, we can work with people all across your organisation and come up with an intelligent automated process that delivers the rapid results and return on investment that you expect. Even better, this robotic automation will adapt, grow and change with your needs in the future.

Our approach is to address your automation needs. We’ll work with you to find the best way to design, build, scale and maintain RPA automation tools that meet your business goals.



At CiGen, we will provide you with an intelligent automation solution that works for your company. To do this, we work closely with you to see which problems you want to solve and to address how to best reach the outcomes you desire.

Since the intelligent automation definition changes based on your needs, we’ll work to define which kind of programs and automations would be best for your company’s processes.

Our team is multiskilled, which means that you get to work with experts in software development, automation, process design and business analysis. Our team members understand the importance of all four areas, which means that they can help with the seamless design and implementation of your automation journey.


Build & Test

During the second step, it’s time to build and test the automation process in a way that works for your business. We’ll help you select a business process that can be improved through intelligent automation. This will provide you with immediate benefits.

As well as delivering immediate business benefits, the Build & Test phase will give you experience in using intelligent automation and RPA, so you can become more comfortable with the programs before full implementation.

CiGen is the first company in Australia to offer intelligent automation for businesses. Let us help your business by leveraging our experience in a way that helps your business maximise its potential.



At CiGen, our proven automation methodology includes:

  • Identifying the right processes to automate
  • Identifying the owners of those processes
  • Understanding which metrics can be used to measure the program’s success

Partnering with your technical and business experts, we scope all the required data inputs and outputs to create a high-level workflow design that allows for manual expert input when necessary.

We don’t forget about your business’s security, either. In fact, the entire build, test and hardening process goes through a thorough security review before phasing into test to production environments.

Following implementation, we conduct an ongoing review to monitor the automation process and ways to refine or improve it over time.

Management & Support

We offer valuable resources to assist with basic training in your new automated system.

This can be followed up with instructional “on-the-job” training during a live implementation for internal automation teams. Instructional training builds on training offered during basic training while also keeping the learning content concise and relevant to your operating environment.

At CiGen, we can manage your automation needs with managed services or can help you establish your own Centre of Excellence in-house.

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Every workplace has monotonous tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly or monthly.

On-demand automation buys you additional time by taking care of repetitive tasks quickly, which helps enhance productivity and provide unparalleled accuracy.

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