UiPath is a global Robotic Process Automation

vendor and has developed the world's most advanced, scalable and extensible RPA platform. Recently lauded by Everest Group as “RPA Leader” and “Star Performer” for the second year running, UiPath has seen impressive growth over the past two years to become one of the most widely adopted RPA platforms worldwide.


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A common misconception of Robotic Process Automation is that it is best leveraged by finance, banking and insurance organisations. CiGen believes that RPA is a vital tool for every industry type, each of which has an array of processes that can be successfully automated. CiGen has partnered with organisations from a wide range of industry types.










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 Technologies & applications

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Business applications are at the heart of modern, digitised processes and they are as diverse and numerous as the processes themselves. One of the key features of Robotic Process Automation is the way in which it interacts with – rather than integrates with – applications of all types.

CiGen has worked with many types of applications, from cutting edge cloud apps and thin client solutions, to traditional desktop programs and even terminal / green screen legacy tools.


Business process automations

we’ve implemented

 The range of business processes that can be automated is vast. Most organisations share a common set of functions, such as HR / Payroll, Sales, Finance and Operations, while many more processes are bespoke and specific to a particular industry type.

With our experience, we have automated a wide spectrum of business processes and our exposure to different operational methodologies continues to grow with each customer engagement.

Hotel night audit procedures Vendor statement reconciliation
against accounting system
Proof of delivery verification and
document upload into ERP system
Payroll procedures,
site reporting and validation
Timesheet validation and
discrepancy notification
Validation and correction of free-form
data entry into website front-end
Purchase order straight through
processing into ERP system
Validation of vendor / customer / employee candidate information or status (ie. ABN, VISA, Drivers Licence) Invoice straight through processing
into accounting system
and payment pre-approvals
New employee onboarding / departed employee offboarding Superannuation payment processing Bulk processing and validation of site work completed into asset management system