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Last week we talked to Kirill from Super Data Science about robotic process automation – what is it all about, how it works, what businesses get from it and more. If you are looking to disrupt traditional operations in your business or if you are a professional looking to broaden your knowledge and advance your career through RPA, you will get valuable information from this podcast.

After the 30 minutes introduction into the realm of robotic process automation, you will learn how to integrate the basics of RPA into your skill set as a professional or to the operations of your business. There are a lot of free online tools to start your journey towards RPA.

During the last 20 minutes of the podcast, we will discuss the ethical usage of RPA in several industries. There are a lot of misconceptions around the fact that its exponential growth could start risking the stability of white-collar jobs. We suggest that instead of being taken aback by this massive growth, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Lastly, we dive deeper into our new RPA Robots for Hire service, that provides small and medium businesses with an effective and less costly alternative to the automation currently implemented at enterprise level.

In this robotic process automation (RPA) podcast you will learn:

  • Kirill welcomes Daniel and Leigh to the show. (04:00)

  • Robotics Process Automation is changing the white-collar environment. (06:30)

  • Examples of application of RPA. (09:00)

  • It gets complex with the number of variations in the process. (13:30)

  • How does RPA work? (14:42)

  • What is the UiPath? (16:45)

  • Leigh & Daniel tells more on their company CiGen. (20:00)

  • RPA is part of the AI tree. (23:42)

  • Using data science tools vs using RPA tools. (26:05)

  • For those businesses who are not aware, how could they explore learning RPA. (35:10)

  • RPA is going to have a rise in the demand from companies since the corporate is landscape is very competitive. (42:00)

  • What’s the most disruptive thing CiGen did using RPA for companies? (45:50)

  • If the developing RPA is threatening the stability of your job, take the opportunity to learn them now. (51:22)

  • RPA Robots for Hire. (58:12)

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud or read the full length post on Super Data Science.

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