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If you have been following us for a while, first of all you are amazing. Secondly, you probably already know that we have been working on the launch of our new RPA Robots for Hire service. Today is the big day, read all about it below.

We license and manage our own fleet of RPA software robots which can be deployed and scaled at short notice to serve as the digital extension to your workforce.

Enterprise grade RPA platforms can be impractical for small and medium businesses due to budget and personnel constraints. And so RPA Robots for Hire was born, out of the belief that the benefits of automation should be enjoyed by organisations of all sizes.

RPA Robots for Hire is right for your company if you are:

  • Seeking to minimise manual, time consuming, repetitive tasks

  • Looking to extend business capability without increasing headcount

  • Limited resources are being hindered by back office processing requirements

  • Falling behind on time sensitive or SLA related operations

  • Unexpected spike in data entry/data conversion

CiGen’s RPA Robots for Hire highlights include:

  • Significantly cheaper compared to an FTE

  • No software investment required

  • Instant email notification of task completion or unexpected scenarios

  • Tasks can be executed 24 x 7 x 365

  • No RPA knowledge/learning required

  • No interference with your day-to-day operations

  • Win back time to focus on growing your business

  • No technology infrastructure to build/maintain

  • If you upgrade to a full Enterprise installation with CiGen, we will transfer all automation workflows at no charge

How does the RPA Robots for Hire work?

  1. CiGen will work with you to scope your processes

  2. CiGen will design, build, test and harden the automation workflows on our server infrastructure

  3. CiGen’s software robots take care of the rest, based on the schedule that you provide

  4. Pay per process, per month basis

Supporting quotes

Lencia Fruit Juices started using CiGen’s RPA Robots for Hire in 2017 and has since expanded the service to incorporate several processes:

  • Tracking and upload of proof of delivery documentation to their cloud based ERP application

  • Processing of payments and credits in payments gateway

  • Goods delivery processing and manifest documentation in customer portal

Lencia’s Director, Paul Plunkett, stated “We have been working with the CiGen team and their RPA Robots for Hire service for a while now. The primary benefits to our business are the high degree of accuracy and processing speed, improved turnaround of payments and most importantly, our staff winning back time to focus on business growth.”

Read the full statement in our Business Wire release and don’t hesitate to contact us for details through our contact form or at contact [at]

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