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Authority Magazine
Daniel Pullen, CiGen’s Co-Founder and Chief Automation Officer, talks with Karen Mangia of Authority Magazine on how both employers and employees are reworking the work ‘norm’ together as we navigate through the great resignation & the future of work.
Australian Manufacturing News
Australian manufacturers are under sustained competitive global pressure. Intelligent automation provides the tools to help boost productivity, speed, accuracy and position our brands to thrive in the future. Leigh Pullen, CEO, CiGen writes in Australian Manufacturing News that the ability to automate tasks like this is not a threat to people. Automation can buy the one thing no amount of money can – time. With extra productivity and time, people can focus more on collaborating with colleagues, coming up with new ideas and finding ways to better develop their skills. It also means people can focus on solving harder problems rather than getting bogged down on repetitive tasks.
Startup Daily
When organisations were forced to rapidly adopt remote working at the start of the pandemic, many learned that processes they thought were operating smoothly were really being held together by people who were able to plug the gaps simply because they were close to each other and could easily remedy issues. Automation can plug those gaps quickly and efficiently enabling teams to benefit from hybrid working arrangements.
Smart Company
Automation can deliver significant value to organisations. It frees up people to work on more interesting work, can reduce errors, work tirelessly and doesn’t need a break. But automation can’t do everything. There are some things that even the smartest algorithms and automation will never, at least in our lifetimes, be able to do. Automation is great at taking a known and repeatable process that doesn’t change, and running it over and over again. And while that makes it a great companion that complements someone’s work, it can never replace the essential need for human beings. Here are five reasons people will remain essential in the future of work.
Daniel Pullen talks to David Koch from AusBiz about how small Australian businesses can adapt to hybrid working beyond the pandemic by leveraging the power of Intelligent Automation through CiGen.

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